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Strategic Advisory

At CRO Advisors, we serve as your trusted Advisors in the realm of strategic leadership.

Our team assumes pivotal roles and advisor board positions, providing invaluable insights and expertise to top executives and board members.


Clients require forward-thinking GTM (Go-To-Market) guidance, deeply ingrained within the upper echelons of their organization for sustainable success.

Our wealth of experience is indispensable in preventing costly early-stage blunders. It’s the distinguishing factor that can propel them to their next level, secure the exit strategy they’ve envisioned, or prevent early failures from which recovery is uncertain. This significance is particularly pronounced when we take on roles as board members, ensuring a profound impact on GTM strategies.

RevGen Consulting

Flexible Engagement Models

CRO Advisors offers a range of flexible engagement models, including project-based and retainer services, which span a wide spectrum of revenue-focused areas.

Our consulting services are strategically designed to optimize sales strategies, customer acquisition, and overall revenue generation with a keen focus on Go-To-Market (GTM) excellence. Our comprehensive Revenue Generation (RevGen) Consulting encompasses lead generation, sales and account management strategy, alliance strategy, pricing, customer success, product adoption, churn reduction, account expansion, and more.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, it’s imperative for companies, both large and small, to take a proactive approach to identify and solve challenges.

CRO Advisors collaborates closely with your leadership team to swiftly pinpoint areas of concern, especially in the context of your GTM strategy. Together, we construct a well-devised plan of action and set it into motion, ensuring that the execution process aligns with your GTM goals while maintaining vigilant monitoring. This approach not only addresses issues but also ensures that sustainable GTM solutions are implemented to drive enduring success.

Executive Coaching

Customized Executive Coaching for Revenue Growth

At CRO Advisors, our seasoned Advisors provide personalized, executive coaching sessions meticulously designed to boost your management and executive teams' leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and overall professional development. In today's ever-evolving world of revenue management, we go beyond the conventional boundaries to offer strategic guidance.


In the realm of Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, executives are often in need of a trusted confidant who can help them reimagine their strategies and execution plans with the utmost confidentiality. They seek on-demand expertise without the costs associated with hiring full-time experts.

Furthermore, GTM management and players require insightful guidance to continually propel their careers forward. This service caters to the diverse needs of each level, offering a custom-fit solution at an affordable price. Our coaching approach encompasses not only personal development but also aligns with GTM objectives to ensure that every coaching session contributes to the organization’s overarching revenue growth strategy.

RevTech Consulting

Navigating Complex Tech Landscapes

In today's fast-paced world of revenue technology, CRO Advisors plays a pivotal role in helping organizations seamlessly traverse the intricate terrain of technology. We empower businesses to make well-informed decisions and ensure the seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions, all within the framework of an optimized Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.


In the current era of technological advancement, constructing and fine-tuning your revenue technology (RevTech) stack is nothing short of critical. This process is inherently complex, with a myriad of enticing options that often appear ideal until the bills roll in, covering your entire global team. It’s disheartening to discover that only a fraction of users effectively leverage what they’ve subscribed to.

At CRO Advisors, we recognize the significance of making strategic choices when it comes to your RevTech stack. We prioritize your specific needs, enabling you to swiftly and intelligently select the right components. This not only saves you precious time but also prevents years of financial waste. Our approach doesn’t just focus on RevTech; it intricately weaves the importance of aligning your RevTech strategy with a robust GTM plan to ensure that the technology investments made truly drive revenue growth.

Our Focus Areas

Your Roadmap to Revenue Success: Explore Our Services


Strategic Advisory

  • Advisor to your Board and Executive Team
  • Business planning and Pitch Book preparation
  • Speed decision making, time to market, or cost reductions with proven solutions
  • Stretch targets skillfully, whether cost reduction, sales growth or both.
  • Highest level of experience, personal network and know-how
  • GTM - planning, alignment, and execution
  • KPIs - performance assessment
  • OKRs - long range planning and execution via a core set of focal points
  • Navigate market complexities, identify growth opportunities, and strategically position for success
  • Network with leaders of your clients, partners, and other industry parties to benefit your company


Revenue Technology (RevTech) Consulting

  • AI & ML
  • APIs
  • Collaboration & Productivity Tools
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Customer Revenue Optimization
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Advanced Data/Predictive Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Forecasting
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting
  • Revenue Operations & Intelligence
  • Software Development Firm Guidance
  • Win Loss Analysis


Executive Coaching

  • Combat executive isolation
  • Feel valued, inspired, and motivated to drive the company forward
  • Improve your thought leadership
  • Enhance your goal setting and achievements
  • Elevate your executive presence
  • Relationship and Conflict Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback - straight truth, no bias
  • Increase your personal performance and remove your blind spots
  • Achieve your personal goals, develop confidence, and build resilience
  • Live a more expansive life


Revenue Generation (RevGen) Consulting

  • AI/Generative AI as a productivity driver
  • Business Development (Strategy & execution)
  • Competitive analysis & Self-assessment
  • Customer Success & Sales v Next-Gen capabilities to grow revenues
  • e-Commerce (Customer’s experience in site)
  • Go-To-Market Strategies, Plan vs. Execution Gap
  • Leadership (Confidence, Development & transitions)
  • KPIs - Strategy, monitoring & analysis
  • Market Penetration & Expansion
  • Partner Ecosystem (Strategy & execution)
  • Pricing strategy in lieu of market barriers
  • Re-organization (Global strategy and execution)
  • Scale (Building and maintaining)
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Win Loss Analysis