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Why work with a CRO Advisor?

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Our Focus Areas

Your Roadmap to Revenue Success: Explore Our Services


Strategic Advisory

  • Advisor to your Board and Executive Team
  • Business planning and Pitch Book preparation
  • Speed decision making, time to market, or cost reductions with proven solutions
  • Stretch targets skillfully, whether cost reduction, sales growth or both.
  • Highest level of experience, personal network and know-how
  • GTM - planning, alignment, and execution
  • KPIs - performance assessment
  • OKRs - long range planning and execution via a core set of focal points
  • Navigate market complexities, identify growth opportunities, and strategically position for success
  • Network with leaders of your clients, partners, and other industry parties to benefit your company


Revenue Technology (RevTech) Consulting

  • AI & ML
  • APIs
  • Collaboration & Productivity Tools
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Customer Revenue Optimization
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Advanced Data/Predictive Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Forecasting
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting
  • Revenue Operations & Intelligence
  • Software Development Firm Guidance
  • Win Loss Analysis


Executive Coaching

  • Combat executive isolation
  • Feel valued, inspired, and motivated to drive the company forward
  • Improve your thought leadership
  • Enhance your goal setting and achievements
  • Elevate your executive presence
  • Relationship and Conflict Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback - straight truth, no bias
  • Increase your personal performance and remove your blind spots
  • Achieve your personal goals, develop confidence, and build resilience
  • Live a more expansive life


Revenue Generation (RevGen) Consulting

  • AI/Generative AI as a productivity driver
  • Business Development (Strategy & execution)
  • Competitive analysis & Self-assessment
  • Customer Success & Sales v Next-Gen capabilities to grow revenues
  • e-Commerce (Customer’s experience in site)
  • Go-To-Market Strategies, Plan vs. Execution Gap
  • Leadership (Confidence, Development & transitions)
  • KPIs - Strategy, monitoring & analysis
  • Market Penetration & Expansion
  • Partner Ecosystem (Strategy & execution)
  • Pricing strategy in lieu of market barriers
  • Re-organization (Global strategy and execution)
  • Scale (Building and maintaining)
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Win Loss Analysis

Meet your Executive Advisor

Larry Meyer

Larry Meyer

Executive Advisor
Founder & CEO CRO Advisors