Rozanne Bonavito

Executive Advisor
GTM Leadership

As a seasoned business professional specializing in revenue growth, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my role as a CRO Advisor at CRO Advisors, LLC. My passion in accelerating sales and empowering businesses to thrive, crafting strategies that directly impact my clients’ success.

Describing myself as strategic, results-driven, and collaborative, I pride myself on a career marked by remarkable revenue milestones.

At CRO Advisors, I focus on Go-To-Market Consulting, Specializing in Revenue Generation, Sales and Marketing Optimization, Marketing Strategy, and Organizational Leadership. My commitment stems from recognizing the unique needs of CROs, CSOs, GVP Sales, VP Sales, CMOs and CEOs – an area where revenue generation and growth are paramount.

My journey to CRO Advisors was fueled by the opportunity to merge my passion for revenue growth with the unmatched expertise and collaborative spirit of the organization. The company’s dedication to empowering businesses to achieve their objectives deeply resonated with my ethos.

My impact at CRO Advisors revolves around leveraging extensive experience and a deep understanding of market dynamics to unlock clients’ full revenue potential, optimize sales and marketing efforts, and deftly navigate complex business challenges.

With over 30 years of marketing leadership, I’ve guided organizations toward sustainable growth and profitability. My track record includes orchestrating multimillion-dollar revenue increases, forging strategic partnerships, and deploying innovative go-to-market strategies that consistently yield results.

Utilizing a data-driven approach, I’ve propelled companies to accelerated market expansion, facilitated IPOs, and successfully launched European entities into the US market as well as successful launches of US companies into global markets. Noteworthy achievements also include surpassing customer acquisition goals and enhancing profitability for numerous organizations.

At CRO Advisors, I’m thrilled to collaborate with a team of industry experts, partnering with diverse clients to overcome their most pressing business challenges and drive meaningful revenue growth. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, positioning our clients for enduring success.

Rozanne Bonavito

Rozanne Bonavito