Brian Thorn

Executive Advisor
GTM Leadership

Introducing Brian Thorn: A Results-Driven Executive

Brian Thorn is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive with a strong background in domestic and international operations, as well as P&L responsibility. As a results-oriented and decisive leader, Brian has a proven track record in market identification and infiltration.

Throughout his career, Brian has held executive-level positions in various consulting and software development firms, including EY, InfoLogix (Stanley Black & Decker), Catalyst International, and Intermec Technologies (Honeywell). Additionally, Brian co-founded LogiStar Solutions (now part of EY) and SCT Software. His experience spans across diverse industries, providing him with valuable insights and expertise.

At CRO Advisors, Brian will leverage his extensive experience in areas such as working with Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards, executive coaching, and GTM consulting. He is excited to be a part of the CRO Advisors team and looks forward to helping organizations unlock their full potential by implementing sound top-down Sales/Operational and GTM strategies that drive increased success.

With a focus on increasing sales, growing bottom-line profitability, and implementing operational improvements, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to guide businesses toward achieving their goals. His strategic approach and ability to identify growth opportunities make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Contact Brian Thorn on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest insights and industry expertise. Together with CRO Advisors, Brian is ready to help organizations thrive by implementing effective strategies and unleashing their true potential.

Partner with Brian Thorn and CRO Advisors to take your business to new heights. Reach out today and discover how his expertise can drive increased success for your organization.

Brian Thorn

Brian Thorn